Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Small Update

First off, we had a great time this past Memorial Weekend.. The weather was crud.. but Danny and Marie and Jack came to visit.. So mom and dad and great grandma came up as well.. We did the BBQ thing and it was great! Zac will be turning 14 this week, so we had a small family style bday party for him!! He was SUPER shocked!! We got him his very own Dell laptop for his birthday! He is the happiest 14 year old we know right now.. It was great seeing his face when he tore the wrapping off and saw that big Dell logo on the box.. LOL

Jack is getting so big, and I hope that we will see them more this summer, which by the way Danny and Marie said that they probably will try to get down a few times (being that they were not able to swim in our new pool due to the weather) Jack is such a handsome boy and so much fun to watch him play with Ryan and Tyler..

On another note.. Ryan is pretty much potty trained!! He is doing so great.. and we only have him in underwear during the day.. He is doing pretty good at night too.. but we are not risking it just yet.. LOL It is a big deal for us to have him potty trained.. what a huge relief.. now just to get Tyler potty trained as well..